The struggle between the United States and the People’s Republic of China is deepening, as evidenced by a letter from the United States Senate calling on the Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) to ban all athletes from using the digital yuan.

The letter, signed by three senators, namely Marsha Blackburn…

UBS Group AG, a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company are intensively dealing with the issue of digital assets.

The first online media platform to draw attention to this information from people familiar with UBS’s plans was Bloomberg, who confirmed that the Swiss bank was exploring several investment…

The world-renowned multinational technology company Microsoft also seems to be showing interest in Bitcoin, which conducted a customer survey for its Xbox division about the possible addition of Bitcoin as a payment method.

This information was first published by a reddit forum user named Jebusura, who took part in the survey and also did not forget to take a screenshot.

As you can see in the photo the third question was, “which of these other payment methods would you like to use on Xbox (select all that apply)?” and one option was Bitcoin.

The survey immediately sparked a heated debate, but it is no wonder, because last statistics say that Microsoft’s online gaming service has nearly 90 million active users per month (April 2020).

Source: CCNews24

Shanghai-based researchers at Hurun have prepared a new “Global Rich List 2021” that has not forgotten the crypto billionaires.

According to this report, there has been a net increase this year of 17 crypto billionaires, who owe their wealth mainly to the establishment and ownership of crypto exchanges, hold or…

Although interest in cryptocurrencies and advanced technologies such as Blockchain is currently increasing worldwide, the Hong Kong government is enforcing a law restricting trade in cryptocurrencies.

The legislative proposal, which was published on the official government website, was presented last November and, after three months of consultation, is being transformed…

Tesla is currently under the scrutiny of journalists, who are coming up with other information that is closely related to the recent investment in Bitcoin. …

Analysts at Arcane Research released today a chart monitoring the first trading day on CME ETH Futures, which tracked volume and open interest.

In this chart we can see that only on the first day of trading it exceeded the trading volume of $ 30M, specifically $ 31M. As for the open interest, it was recorded at $ 20M.

In terms of trading terms, each monthly contract contains 50 ETHs, which in current terms is almost $ 88K. Investors must also take into account the minimum trade size, which is set at 5 contracts.


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Followers of the Twitter account of the world’s richest man today, Elon Musk, can see the unusual propagation of the most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

As of today, only one word shines on Elon’s Twitter Bio, and that is Bitcoin.


Despite the global outbreak of COVID-19, which was behind the March slump in all financial markets, 2020 was the best year for cryptocurrencies to date.

Even though only Bitcoin was mostly talked about, it is probably not surprising that Ethereum achieved significantly better results than BTC.

To compare the results…

If you belong to the category of traders that was already here during the first bull run, you will certainly remember the countless altcoins that tried to follow this wave.

Only time has shown which of these projects were able to fulfill what they promised and found real application.

The sad news is that up to 83% of these altcoins have failed to do this, and compared to their ATH, which they reached in 2018, they are in heavy minus to date, averaging -90%.

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